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A revolution in skin care through technology

Everything you need to make a diagnosis

Neviscope’s smart connection to your skin’s health

With Neviscope’s seamless integration with smartphones, you hold the key to early detection right in the palm of your hand. Revolutionize the way you monitor your skin by combining our state-of-the-art device with your trusted smartphone. Visit your family doctor and ask for a screening of your skin , thanks to Neviscope your family doctor will take suspicious pictures of nevi and through your smartphone which has our free app will send with your medical history your case to our best dermatologist, without the need to wait in lines for months !

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Take, save and manage skin photos

Capture high-resolution images of suspicious nevi and spots with the Neviscope dermatoscope. The free mobile app on google play or apple store Neviscope Professional , allows you to securely store and organize images of skin lesions. Keeping an eye on the condition of your skin has never been so easy or convenient. From now on your GP can store your nevus history in one safe place and in case of dangerous lesions send in an instant to our best dermatologist , who will assess the risk of lesions and send back the information in the application . This way you can have access to the best dermatologists in Poland without queues ! Doctors, thanks to the Neviscope Professional app, have a virtual dermatology office with the history of hundreds of patients !


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Artificial intelligence-assisted analysis for doctors

We have introduced into the application 4 models of AI algorithms with sensitivity above 90% each :

  • A model for detecting changes that require urgent intervention and observation
  • Skin melanoma detection model
  • Detection model for other skin lesions (dermal melanocytic nevi, solar keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, hard and soft fibromas, vascular nevi.
  • A model for assigning a lesion to a specific ABCD dermatology scale.


Artificial intelligence analysis , which will help the doctor when assessing the risk of nevi and help compare nevi taken at different times .Experience the power of artificial intelligence to help detect potential skin cancer or melanoma in the early stages. Trust the intelligence that protects your skin and provides peace of mind like never before.

Finally, only our qualified dermatologist has the right for the final risk assessment .

Artificial intelligence is not intended to replace professional medical advice. The results should be consulted with a health care professional in each case !


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Professional consultation at your fingertips

Neviscope allows immediate sharing of skin images with certified dermatologists. Take control of your health journey with timely advice and personalized recommendations.

In our app you have access to an online practice with the best dermatologists on the market !

The dermatologist has his own office in the doctor’s panel through which he can make appointments with patients for online consultations , make recommendations and risk assessments and archive cases of hundreds of patients in one smartphone !


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The difference between a smartphone and Neviscope

Neviscope is an innovative dermatoscope for smartphones that enables precise high-resolution skin diagnostics under polarized light for easy monitoring and effective collaboration with a dermatologist. Only a professional photo taken with Neviscope is sufficient for risk assessment by a dermatologist . A simple photo will never be enough for a doctor to make a decision about your skin health . Take care of healthy skin – choose Neviscope!


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why do we do it?

Our Story

Everything you need to make a diagnosis

Yulianna Yussef – CEO& Founder of Neviscope – is a woman of exceptional design. The doctors explained that Yulianna suffers from a condition known as congenital melanocytic nevus, or CMN for short. It is a particular type of nevus that affects about 1% of children worldwide.

She, more than anyone else, knows how a birthmark can affect a life. But she did not give up.

She became a model and opinion leader, earning more than 100,000. followers who love the content he shares with them. Yulianna appears in lingerie commercials, speaks openly about skin problems and inspires others.

After becoming a successful woman, Yulianna became an ambassador for CMN, spreading awareness of the disease to all people around the world. The more people know about the disease, the less people will be surprised when they see a person with the disease on the street.

When she discovered a problem with one of her moles, she diagnosed and removed it in time, as it turned out to be melanoma. After the incident, she came up with an idea on how to keep herself and others safe.

Yulianna spent a lot of time and effort to create NeviScope. It makes diagnostics accessible to everyone! With this technology, diagnosis has become easier, allowing you to protect yourself and your family.

We all know how the sun can affect us, especially if we have moles.

Take care of yourself. Choose Yourself. Protect yourself and your family. Use Neviscope.

More capabilities in the mobile app

It is an advanced software based on artificial intelligence that enables effective assessment and monitoring of the


Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions? Here are the answers

Yes , you can create as many patients as you want in one place in the Neviscope Professional app . In addition, an unlimited number of analyses can be created for each patient, and in each analysis as many images as needed, as well as a video showing the nevus area.

Your nevus analysis is saved in the app and you can go back to it anytime, importantly you can take new pictures of the same nevus after a few months and compare them with each other whether they have changed color, size , edges !

Our Neviscope system puts you in touch with the best dermatologists without leaving your village , you simply go to your family doctor with a request for a medical history along with photos of nevi , the family doctor sends the case in your presence to the dermatologist , the next day you get a notification from our dermatologist about the examination on the app or on any communicator available in the market like : messenger , whatsApp, email etc.

The analysis includes your health profile through which the doctor knows your skin history and risk of skin cancer. In the analysis there are pictures and video with the exact date , you can return to the analysis after some time and compare the same birthmark whether something has changed .

Neviscope is an inexpensive and small medical device that easily protects your family and you ! Neviscope is the cheapest dermatoscope on the market.